Friday, July 2, 2010

River Loop Bike Ride, Bend Elks Baseball game and Eclipse

For some reason my pictures are loading backwards. So I'll start with the end of our day. We went to the local ice cream shop named Goody's. Yum yum!! The kids are all now in the hot tub again. The boys went to a Bend Elks baseball game tonight and the girls went shopping and to see the movie Eclipse.. In the morning we got out of the house at 10:00 am. We wanted to do the River loop. We got about half way there and Curt's bike kept acting up. So we had to take a detour to the bike shop at the mall. While we were there we had to visit the $12.99 store and pick up a few sweatshirts. The rest of the photos are throughout the bike ride. I have to look up how many miles we biked, it was a lot. Our bums are pretty sore!! We got back home from the ride at 1pm and ate lunch. The kids went in the spa, again...We left for the afternoons festivities at 3:00pm.

Karate Kid Pose...
Posing on the log...

We came across some monkeys hanging out in the trees..

One of our favorite benches.

This one I took when Savannah and Olivia came back to see where I was. I was waiting for everyone to come back so I could take a picture. They always just ride off and leave me...Oh well!!

On the bike trail...
Isn't it pretty? The Deschutes River

We had a good day. Everyone had a great time....Talk to y'all tomorrow!

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