Thursday, July 1, 2010

Paulina Falls...Lots of pics

Paulina Falls

Obsidian Flow

Today we decided to go to Paulina Lake, Paulina Peak and Paulina Falls. When we got to the ranger station he told us that the road to Paulina Peak was still closed due to snow. It's been a long time since there has been snow still when we are here. We went to the Big Obsidion Flow to hike through the lava flow from 1300 years ago. We then decided to go to Lake Paulina and picnic since we brought lunch. We got out of the car and got pretty much set up on the picnic bench and we discovered there were mosquitos everywhere. We packed the car back up and decided to try the falls. We thought, maybe there are no mosquitos there. We were wrong. So we picknicked in the car. Wasn't the best, but we made do. We then hiked to the falls. Everyone but me scrambled through the rocks and steep hill to get to the top. It is so beautiful. Hopefully we got a lot of great pictures. Sam climbed up to the top and was pushing on a log. Lo and behold the log was loose and it tumbled down the steep ravine. Luckily Sam did not go with it. Although I pretty much had a heart attack. I was so proud of Olivia. She was a little tentative at first, but then she ran with the big guns. Curt had her backpack, but other than that she rocked. We then drove to the Fall River Fish Hatchery. We fed the fish and walked down a pretty little trail where there were about 8 fishermen fly-fishing. It is so beautiful and peaceful here. Then we drove into Bend to go to Safeway for our groceries and water balloons. Came back to the house and went on a quick bike ride to the mall. I had to walk my nike up the one steep hill, as usual, but everyone else did great! We are now BBQ'ing a tri-tip and relaxing.

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  1. Great pictures...I love catching up with all the adventures. Thank you so much for having Olivia along!!! She said she slept great!! Have fun all of you.
    xoxo mama schaub