Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wedding cards

Here are the wedding cards







Where Have I been?

Oh my goodness. My aunt told me she was going to mention my blog in her blog. I came here and went, "What, I haven't blogged in almost a month?" Well, my friends, my camera is dead. For me, that is a major catastrophe. I did not realize how much I use my camera. You should hear everyone at the soccer games asking me where my third arm is. I have beautiful cards to post from my designers for our wedding theme. We are currently working on kid birthdays. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. I used the cartridges Robotz and Create a critter for mine. I was really happy how they turned out. Hopefully I can get my camera fixed and won't have to buy a new one. Although, I have been wanting a Nikon......we'll see. I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer and I look forward to seeing your creations. We meet the third Saturday night of every month if you'd like to join us at my house for "craft" night.

What have I been doing? Well, we went camping mid-July with my mom, dad, sisters, their kids and my kids. We went to a place called Coloma Resort, which is only 1 hour from my house. We bought 4 inner-tubes and floated down the river pretty much the whole 2 days we were there. It was really fun! Great place and great people. No issues, well except that my brakes almost went out....Got them fixed after camping. We went to a soccer tournament for Savannah in Reno. That was fun. Believe it or not, I've never been to Reno. Other than that, we've been watching lots of movies and working....

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

We got all dressed up for the 4th. These were taken in the backyard.

We went on a bike ride around the airport to the lodge. I have never seen so many people on the bike paths. It was great. So many families enjoying the beautiful day!

We went to the lodge so the boys could make their tee time for tomorrow.....................................

I was taking a picture of the kids and a nice lady asked if we would like her to take a picture of all of us. I handed her my camera and she said she had one just like it. But then she couldn't figure out how to use it. It was pretty funny, but we did get this shot. I think this is the only one of all of us.

This is at the Fire Station on the way back to our house. I love it!
We got home from the bike ride and the boys went into town to hit baseballs and pick up the bat that Austin had left at the fieldhouse. Girls watched a movie...Boys got back and we packed up the car to head into Bend for the fireworks as fireworks aren't allowed in Sunriver because of all the trees.

We went to a high school that we always go to and played baseball and shot water balloons. We really missed our friends, the Winn's, who have been pretty much every year we have. It was different without them....Boohoo!!!
Olivia smashing a home run!!! J/K.

Everyone had hit but Austin when the sprinklers came on. We waited awhile, but they did not turn off. Poor Austin! Here is a pic of almost all the kids that were there..
The pyromaniacs!

The fireworks started at 10:00 and were done by 10:30. We
came home and I can't even remember. All I know right now is that we have been going to bed at about midnight every night and I am soooooo tired. I am too old for this.....

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pool Day....Addendum

Well, I have a little bit to add for last night. I forgot to mention that when the boys went to the mall last night they played mini golf and bought laser pointers. Curt and I did not realize that after dinner and spa they were in the girls bedroom pointing the laser outside aimed at cars driving by. This was about 9:30pm. 20 minutes later when we were trying to wind down and get ready for bed, we heard the doorbell ring. Noone ever rings the doorbell here, especially at 10pm, so it was pretty freaky. Curt was downstairs so we heard him answer the door. He talked a little bit then he called the boys down. It turns out they were shining their lasers in a cop car. The cop told them it was a crime and he could take them to Juvie. So we now have their lasers and hopefully they learned a valuable lesson.....

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pool Day

Today we went to Fort Rock Park. We played soccer, baseball and frisbee. We then came home for lunch and resting. Went to the pool next while Curt went to the driving range. When we got back to the house the boys took a bike ride to the mall, the girls went in the spa, Curt went to get his bike fixed and I went on a long walk to the river. Olivia and I played Scrabble. I won (heehee). Curt made dinner then we all sat in the spa (not Curt).

Friday, July 2, 2010

River Loop Bike Ride, Bend Elks Baseball game and Eclipse

For some reason my pictures are loading backwards. So I'll start with the end of our day. We went to the local ice cream shop named Goody's. Yum yum!! The kids are all now in the hot tub again. The boys went to a Bend Elks baseball game tonight and the girls went shopping and to see the movie Eclipse.. In the morning we got out of the house at 10:00 am. We wanted to do the River loop. We got about half way there and Curt's bike kept acting up. So we had to take a detour to the bike shop at the mall. While we were there we had to visit the $12.99 store and pick up a few sweatshirts. The rest of the photos are throughout the bike ride. I have to look up how many miles we biked, it was a lot. Our bums are pretty sore!! We got back home from the ride at 1pm and ate lunch. The kids went in the spa, again...We left for the afternoons festivities at 3:00pm.

Karate Kid Pose...
Posing on the log...

We came across some monkeys hanging out in the trees..

One of our favorite benches.

This one I took when Savannah and Olivia came back to see where I was. I was waiting for everyone to come back so I could take a picture. They always just ride off and leave me...Oh well!!

On the bike trail...
Isn't it pretty? The Deschutes River

We had a good day. Everyone had a great time....Talk to y'all tomorrow!

Paulina Falls....Post #2..The Fish Hatchery

OK, So I forgot to mention that the boys are dorks and Curt said, "I bet you guys can't walk across the log." Have you ever met a teenage boy that wouldn't take a dare? So they proceeded to walk across the log in the middle of the river. Sam got half way through and, oops, his foot went in. So we had his sock hanging out the car window the rest of the day and he wore some girlie flipflops into Safeway that gave him blisters.......FUN! Notice the flowers in their hair. The first picture is them walking back.

Trying to get my children to take serious pictures is not easy!

Nice, Austin!

Blackmail picture...
So the kids went in the spa last night and shot water balloons at...who knows? Then they came in and we ate root beer floats and played Pictionary. Boys won....We think Austin and Sam cheated. You should see the drawings the did....Funny!!