Friday, July 2, 2010

Paulina Falls....Post #2..The Fish Hatchery

OK, So I forgot to mention that the boys are dorks and Curt said, "I bet you guys can't walk across the log." Have you ever met a teenage boy that wouldn't take a dare? So they proceeded to walk across the log in the middle of the river. Sam got half way through and, oops, his foot went in. So we had his sock hanging out the car window the rest of the day and he wore some girlie flipflops into Safeway that gave him blisters.......FUN! Notice the flowers in their hair. The first picture is them walking back.

Trying to get my children to take serious pictures is not easy!

Nice, Austin!

Blackmail picture...
So the kids went in the spa last night and shot water balloons at...who knows? Then they came in and we ate root beer floats and played Pictionary. Boys won....We think Austin and Sam cheated. You should see the drawings the did....Funny!!

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