Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pool Day....Addendum

Well, I have a little bit to add for last night. I forgot to mention that when the boys went to the mall last night they played mini golf and bought laser pointers. Curt and I did not realize that after dinner and spa they were in the girls bedroom pointing the laser outside aimed at cars driving by. This was about 9:30pm. 20 minutes later when we were trying to wind down and get ready for bed, we heard the doorbell ring. Noone ever rings the doorbell here, especially at 10pm, so it was pretty freaky. Curt was downstairs so we heard him answer the door. He talked a little bit then he called the boys down. It turns out they were shining their lasers in a cop car. The cop told them it was a crime and he could take them to Juvie. So we now have their lasers and hopefully they learned a valuable lesson.....

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