Saturday, May 22, 2010


Well, I wanted to wait until I was completely done with my scraproom before I posted pics, but that might just be here you go.

Here is when you walk into the room to your left. I hung some Pegboards I got at Michaels. They are part of the cube system.

The door on the left of the cubes is to a bathroom (not finished yet). I decopaged my cubes black and white and hung a curtain rod above them to hang completed layouts.

Closer view

Another close view

This is my cricut station with Ikea shelving for my cartridge storage.
I will have to retake this photo, but this is what I look out when the silver curtains are open. We hung vinyl chandeliers that I cut with my cricut on the wall like wallpaper.

Here is a better shot of the chandeliers. I LOVE them!!
My Ikea desks.
I hung my embellishment center and some knife racks from Ikea. I glued magnets to the back of my stickles so they will hang upside down.

Closer view.The end of my Ikea desks. The door to the right is to our attic storage.

Got these magnet boards at Michaels. I have brads, eyelets and misc small things in the jars. To the right is the same door we came through in the beginning.


  1. wow, what a gorgeous room! I am going to follow you!

  2. Nice room...LOVE the decoupaged cubes! I have the same color scheme in my room. I love the chandeliers..can I steal that idea?

  3. Kristi...Of course you can steal the chandeliers. Aren't they great???? I love them

  4. wow~ that looks amazing! I just finished the 1st go-round on my room. I don't think I'm finished yet but I am out of money, so I'm at least finished for now. {grin}